Sunday, September 25, 2005


The old Cherokee Basket Designs have been lost, except for those that were collected by Lottie Stamper in the early 1900s. She also gave the designs names, however early basket designs did not have names, but different Cherokee Clans wove different designs. It was not uncommon to identify a clan or clan member by the baskets they wove.

These are a few of the old Cherokee Designs, many continue on down into later baskets. There is virtually no limit to how the designs can be arranged or used in the basket. The only limits is the type and size of the basket.

The number of contemporary designs that can be used is virtually unlimited as well. In the Double Woven basket by placing variations of colors and natural cane, designs can get very abstract as well.

Older basketweavers also varied the cane by cutting the inside spokes once woven and replacing them with different colored spokes to continue on the outside wall of a double woven basket, thus making for even more variations in designs and colors at the weavers disposal

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Marla Monk said...

I own an oak splint Cherokee Babie's bassinet basket made for me at my birth in May, 1954, by Ann Ensley, in Cherokee, N.C. Ann was about 14-15 years old when she made it. I would like to connect with Ann's family to thank them, and possibly discuss further preservaion of this heirloom.
My email address is: Any help will be appreciated.